Zine Quest!

Kickstarter announced Zine Quest 2. I’m gonna do it.

I’m making this public announcement as a way to goose myself into actually doing the thing. I’ve got several ideas! But I think the one I’m going to do to wet my beak is my solitaire PbtA game Tiny Dragons. It’s fun, clever, sweet, and actually playable. People around the world played it! For a few weeks at least. It was pretty popular for a good stretch of 2015!

I think it’s more-or-less done. You can totally play it today if you wanted, and I’m gonna leave the Tumblr page up forever. But it got me thinking about all the unfinished projects I have staring at me:


What I’m saying is, do the thing before you doubt yourself.

Have a great Friday. Next week, I announce my Patreon.

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