Today I’m learning I did not miss my calling in event planning.

Today I’m learning I did not miss my calling in event planning.

Researching spaces for PaulCon next spring and it is such a drag. I keep feeling like the right space is one search away, but it just doesn’t seem to exist.

There are plenty of motels and hotels here, spring training season has made that possible, but that’s not at all the vibe I was hoping for. But we may end up there anyway.

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  1. Daniel Lofton okay well SHIT, how did you find that so fast?

    I am terrible at event planning. Truly terrible. See, I’ve been looking literally all afternoon and coming up empty.

    That does look gorgeous. Play would have to be in the bedrooms, maybe whatever common space there is.

  2. So now the question is, would you spend $300 + some kind of communal food allowance?

    It might end up being $400ish total. Totally eyeballing the not-rental component.

  3. I’m now thinking $325/person. That’s $750 to feed 30ish people for basically 4 days.

    Is that insane? Obvs way way more than a big con but … you know, maybe not once you include the hotel room, no?

  4. Oh dang it, probably never mind.

    I’m reading the fine print about their rates and it’s uh…quite a lot more than I thought it might be. Additional fees, very ala carte pricing for stuff like cleaning and using the pool, and there’s a minimum for staying less than 7 days that is uh…quite high. Like $5500.

  5. Okay, I’ve asked for a more precise quote for dates in April as well as early June, which appears to not be an especially busy con season (but it’s not nearly so nice here).

    Might still end up under $400/person total. Same folks also own a big cabin in Prescott and that could be quite nice…

  6. Years back, we had a local one-day con set up space in a Lions or Elks hall or something. I don’t know what you’re really looking for, but maybe that sort of space would be cheap?

    Also, check out your local schools- sometimes they can do event hosting. The layout might be really good, with a big open space and lots of breakout rooms.

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