The mandatory Dreamation tag-everyone thread

Definitely the event that has netted me the most oh so that’s what you sound/look/act like in person moments! Let’s see…

The Separated at Birth award goes to Brand Robins​​. Expected this actually! A genuine pleasure to have you at the Mutant table, regretted not having more screaming match opportunities at Rachel’s Mars table. I’m glad I cabbed back to the airport with you and Mo Jave​​​ and Mikael for the bonus hangout time.

​The Nobody is This Nice, What’s Your Angle? award goes to Mikael Andersson​​​. I was grateful to have you as my summer camp buddy at the event.

The Always Analyzing award goes to Ralph Mazza​​​ for, you know, always analyzing. A relentless game-talk murder machine from the future! A+++, good packaging, would Ralph again.

Avonelle Wing​​​ gets the Eye of the Storm prize for maintaining extraordinary chill, as far as I could tell, across the spectrum of adult kindergarten that is a big sprawling game convention.

The Hostess With the Mostest award goes to Misha B​​​, of course, for her one-two punch of being funny at Mutant and supplying cherry bourbon (for Brand Robins​​​ to spill all over my shit). I may mandate drinking at my Mutant games going forward.

Andrew Medeiros​​​, top marks in the crowded Strong Beard Game category. Busy busy dude, said maybe 10 words to each other all con. Also appearing in this category was Jason Pitre​​ in the Blondest Beard sub group. Pleasantly surprised by Sig!

Then there were all the folks I’ve met and know and really wish I’d had more face time: Rachel E.S. Walton​​​ (never enough time!), Jason Morningstar​​​, John Stavropoulos​​​, luke crane​​​, Keith Stetson​​​, Shervyn von Hoerl​​​, Daniel Levine​​​, Judd Karlman​​​ (really our first time to just hang out and chat!), Dave Turner​​​, Phil Walton​​​, uh uh uh I know I’m forgetting more of you! Tag yourself in if we talked and I forgot!

And of course my old friends Bret Gillan​​​ and Carly Knight​​​ who make me wish we lived closer to each other. Sigh.

EDIT also and MadJay Brown​, my favorite convention roomie!

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  1. More names I forgot! Dammit! James Stuart​ (a total of 11 minutes I think), Mark Richardson​ at his Headspace game. Just waiting for the pluses to remind me of more.

  2. Yeah, it was great seeing you for those 11 minutes! Dreamation is big enough that it actually feels super not-stressful for not seeing people: it is impossible, too many great people, so I just do what I can. I am looking forward to our paths crossing again and playing in a game/running something for you!

  3. Sigh…shit, uh, Robert Bohl​ of course but predominantly in the context of Rachel’s Mars game.

    I swear, I’m just gonna call it Rachel’s Mars Game no matter what the final title is.

  4. Not enough Paul time!! But yeah, it was so lovely to see you there. I partially hoped for another hurricane so we could scoop you up and take you home for sleepy post-con hangouts until the weather passed.

  5. I’m now mostly over the guilt about Rachell’s Mars game, and have moved on to bitterness that we didn’t get to finish playing. So much good setup!

    It was really nice to meet you face to face too. Now that I can hear your voice when I read your posts it gives me a whole new sense of them!

  6. Keith Stetson lol ur we’re old. Absolutely agreed. So glad you were in my best game! So sad you were in my worst. Oh well, you’ve now had the Full Paul B Experience.

    Brand Robins amusingly vague! But agreed I think.

  7. Paul Beakley They went very well. Sold 100% of what I brought. It was good to meet you, even if there was such strong backlighting I thought you were some sort of demigod (was I wrong?)

  8. Criminy…another forgotten name. M. P. O’Sullivan was in two of my games and was excellent in both. Amazing in his first go at Sagas of the Icelanders and a freakish statistical anomaly in Mutant: Year Zero that was the beginning of the end for the brave but doomed zone expedition. Sorry Michael! I’m still recovering!

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