0 thoughts on “TFW your local “indie con” says it offers Games on Demand but you click through and they’re offering D&D modules on…

  1. I keep TELLING YOU that D&D modules are better for on demand play than most indie games and worse for pre-planned table play than most indie games but NOBODY LISTENS!!!! (flips table, but it…..completely flips all the way around back to being right side up)

  2. William Nichols I’m considering forming a posse.

    “Games on Demand” is like…trademarked or something isn’t it, Steve Segedy? They also use it to sell a “meet the creator” event for the Tiny Epic guy, who’s a local boardgame designer.

  3. Also: I have no idea what to take away when I read “murder hobos on holiday.”

    Most big cons make most of their money on D&D/Pathfinder and then slip in the indie, but these guys are selling the indie but delivering mostly D&D/Pathfinder and almost entirely all trad/conventional games. I think I prefer knowing I’m going into a tiny walled garden than getting bait-and-switched.

  4. Are they consciously doing a bait and switch? Or is it just a broader ignorance of what Games on Demand is? Because it’s not that well known, even in game circles.

  5. That said, there’s also nothing to stop you from going to the event organizers and asking for space to run a proper Games on Demand event. Let me know if you want help with that!

  6. This is going to make me sound snarky or like I have no sense of humour, or most likely a terrible snob, but…. I probably wouldn’t attend a con with the tag line Murder Hobos on Holiday. The Murder Hobos thing is a gaming trope I never ever want to see in a game I’m playing in ever again.

  7. I’m confident I could build an audience for an invitational house con. Which is more what I’ve always wanted to do anyway.

    I have the feeling our big-picture community just doesn’t have a critical mass of indie-minded gamers. There’s a little scene in Tucson, I assume a couple groups like mine in Phoenix, mmmmaybe a college-based group in Flag. I’m totally guessing.

  8. Cam Banks I’m getting that sense!

    Honestly my gaming universe is so tightly curated that I probably don’t have an accurate understanding of what’s actually going on out there.

    I dropped into Discord gaming chat a couple days ago and it was horrifying. Like, truly awful. And this was in a PbtA room!

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