TFW the USPS tracking code says your big order of Gamescience dice was delivered yesterday, but it’s nowhere to be seen. :-/

We have an exceptionally bad mail delivery person in this neighborhood. Not the first time something’s gone mysteriously missing. If it’s not here today, I guess it’s time to start hassling someone.

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  1. Friend up here had his permanent residency card go missing. Postal service admits to misplacing it, but the gov’t won’t issue another one until the original has been tracked down. The investigation generally takes about eight months apparently. 8|

  2. grrr…

    I’m really hoping someone does the right thing and brings it to my address. OR they just say “wrong!” and send it back. Something. It’s when it just goes into someone’s hole that I feel extra salty.

    $55! It was $68 with shipping!

  3. This is going to sound stupid, but do you have a side door?

    I’ve had packages “delivered” to the space between the screen and main door at the side of our house that we almost never use, and then sit there for a few days mouldering while I complain to the delivery folks they are lying to me.

  4. Someone stole an imported copy of the original Mysterium off my porch last year. I was pissed, but it kinda tickled me to think of them opening the package and finding a weird board game that’s entirely in Polish.

  5. I know you looked everywhere but I want to tell you I’ve had packages delivered to a wet hydrangea bush next to my porch and also a small patch of mud inside a holly bush behind my mailbox.

    TO: Jason Morningstar
    Wet hydrangea bush
    Next to porch
    Durham, NC 27707

  6. Sounds stressful.

    I had an Amazon package go missing a while back. Got all paranoid like maybe I couldn’t trust my neighbors any more. Amazon was like, whatevs, we’ll just ship another one. So hassle free. But I’ve also heard Amazon has regular meetings with the postmaster to hold his feet to the fire for missing packages.

  7. “USPS Tracking” is free and better than nothing, but it is also the least reliable tracking service the USPS offers. I’ve seen it do weird stuff many times.

  8. Let the seller know you haven’t received it, maybe they’ll make it right. (Yeah, I know, small business…)

    You could also try to call your local post office and complain. They make it really hard to speak to a person locally and try to steer you to a national call center that probably can’t help you, but if you dig a little you should be able to find a number.

  9. “Bragging” seems uncharitable! I’m sharing the joy.

    My offer to send you a good-sized chunk of my pound of dice stands, too, Paul Beakley. Losing packages stinks.

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