Temperature taking

Best small press game talk on the web (blogs, vlogs, podcasts, forum, posters) who aren’t me: GO

Follow-up: are you supporting or considering support of any Patreon-affiliated small press reviewers/personalities/whatevers? Who? Why?

It’s coming. Probably.

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  1. I like what Chistopher Helton writes for Bleeding Cool about RPGs. I, um, have not contributed financially (help with con expenses, etc) although I know it is possible to do so. A slight tangent: I know we’ve talked about um, spouse oversight and distress at kickstarter and bundle of holding spending, I am ambivalent about liberalizing my patreon support because of that factor.

  2. Well, based on the sub arctic temperature readings I’m getting from this thread, you’re in no danger from a financial watchdog crackdown.

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