I’ve been rereading my copy of Edge of the Empire because I’m hyped on Star Wars like my daughter’s hyped on My Little Pony.

What can anyone tell me about Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny? Anyone run it all together? Jam in Obligations and Duty and uh … whatever the Force economy is called?

I kind of love the idea of putting together a big campaign across all that, but I wonder if you end up tripping over your own feet like when you try and jam Mages in with Werewolves.


  1. Age of Rebellion is pretty much the same as Age of Empire. The Two are interchangeable, and it cleans up a few things. If you like one you’ll dig the other.

    Force and Destiny … not so much.

  2. Jedi and non-Jedi are in a different scope and narrative (note that the movies immediately peel off jedi. Obi-Wan goes off elsewhere and fights Vader. The moment Luke Jedi’s up he’s off to different planets and dealing with the emperor). I took a glance and F&D because my friend Morgan talked it up.

    Force and Destiny is about random people suddenly getting the force and what decisions they make of it. It’s big on that Destiny bit. I’m a bit of a purist. I don’t mind rebels running around with some scum-and-villainy doing jobs against the empire, but to me Star Wars in that era has two Jedi and two Sith.

    It’s just a different bag imo, but dunno. Some people sure do like their vampires mixing with changelings shrug. If you have a good group and everyone is willing to work with you for some hard hooks it should be ok. The power levels are not too wildly different.

    If you really just want to run a longer game where these things are connected look at FAE. It’s an easy fit. Probably wouldn’t take you almost any time to make chars (and you can use the movie quotes to make them punchy).

    If it’s for a one or three-shot it probably doesn’t matter too much ^_~ And fancy pantsy funny colored dice are just FUN.

  3. I found Age of Rebellion not that interesting in terms of where the game takes place so I skipped it.  Force and Destiny though I’m really enjoying reading through it.  The force powers are still well balanced against none force users and learning the force still requires not gaining perks, which for none force characters get pretty awesome as they level up.  There is also a lot more alignment between Force and Destiny and Edge of the Empire in the types of stores you can tell.  

    These are force users often on the peripheral or on the run.  They aren’t mainstreaming into the core of the empire.   They can frequently cross paths with fringers, pirates and smugglers.  A mixed campaign is not a problem.  Between the two books Force and Destiny is a little more polished, but that’s more a function of it being the thirds book in the series.  

    All three can work well together but I find Age of Rebellion to be the odd man out in terms of what characters are typically doing by that setting.

  4. I think the hurdle for using all three games together is that Age of Rebellion assumes the characters have a chain of command with the Rebellion while the other two have the characters doing their own things.

  5. There’s a clear indication that Star Wars: Rebels (the animated series) starts out as Edge of the Empire and migrates to Age of Rebellion in season 2, and I think it has every reason to be heading toward F&D also. But, and I say this sincerely, I don’t think there’s anything holding you up from using F&D species, careers, etc in your other games, as the only shift appears to be in narrative focus and not in game mechanics.

  6. I kind of wish all the playable races were put into one place somehow. Because they’re freaking everywhere in the series. 

    OTOH I kind of hate that there are “races” at all in Star Wars. Pure atavistic gamer invention. In My Star Wars it’s all costumes, with maybe a single distinctive positive (Wookiees are strong!) and negative (Wookiees are easily angered!) trait.

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