Star Wars Alien Drop Table

Looks pretty good! Rendered it at 12″ square, printed it tiled on legal sized paper. Then dropped some big ass dice on it because the colors are so easy to interpret: green is helpful, red is a hindrance, yellow is color.

So for Xibix here…Xibix is basically a pile of clothes and a pair of eyes staring out from under the fabric. No two items match. Obviously Xibix has been collecting them. Every once in a while a little cybernetic limb reaches out to manipulate something or grab food or a pile of credits off the table. Interestingly, Xibix’s paranoia is what is most useful to the characters, but it’s also quite foolish and that may pose a problem.

Yeah…that feels adequately weird and starwarsy to me.

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  1. I did up several others and in almost every case, the negative attribute was the “useful” one and a positive attribute is the “troublesome” one. It’s an interesting challenge! Maybe I’ll let the players move dice around based on the Advantage they roll up.

  2. Of course! It’s free to anyone to use. I think it’d work for any game where narrative context matters more than stats.

    You might look at tweaking the distribution of descriptors. This one is very even handed because of the positive/negative pairs. Maybe your universe will be filled with violent/destructive and murderous/killcrazy pairs or something.

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