Spendy, good heavens, but it’s Unknown Armies.

Spendy, good heavens, but it’s Unknown Armies.

I’m in for the hardcopy but I might back it down to pdf. Dunno. I suspect they’ll have no problem at all hitting a really high final take.


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  1. As soon as I backed this, I wondered who else I knew likely would, and then I looked at my inbox. “Paul Beakley backed…” “Bret Gillan backed…”

    The thee book approach is pretty interesting.

  2. Paul Beakley As far as I can tell, yeah. And I have to wonder: Do people actually ever buy just the player’s book for a game? I can see why one might for a game like this, i.e., you value immersion and want to be just as clueless as your PC at the start. But, still.

  3. Yeah I stopped just shy of hard copies because I’ve never run a campaign of it ever and I suspect that will be the case here. But boy do I want to read them.

  4. I’d say you actually need all three to run the game.

    Players could get away with only 1, I guess. But I dunno, I live in an odd world where the GM for a game tends to own all the books and the lazy ass players own jack crap.

  5. Brand Robins are you insinuating that there’s some other role playing world? Where the players all buy their own stuff and maybe even actually read it?

    This…I cant wrap my head around this…

  6. Mm… When it comes to games where the player buy-in is limited (in terms of “all the rules are here in this book”), I’ve seen players buy core books. They’re generally players who would at least consider running it, so it’s not a pure example, but I do think there’s some utility to having it available separately.

    I’m not sure there’s much if any utility to having it available separately on the kickstarter, though. It seems like if you’re backing, you’re either running or at least committed. Probably “Here’s an (extra) print player’s book” should be an add-on deal rather than a backing level, since I’m imagining most of the folks who might want that are thinking “I’d like a loaner/table copy” or else “I’m good with tablet+PDFs, but I want the player book in print to have at the table.”

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