Space Wurm vs Moonicorn at NewMexicon 2017

Ran the one-shot here at NewMexicon and it was pretty fun! Learned a lot about how it’s different than the campaign play. I need to dig less deep next time and play more, although it was still a ton of fun. There’s always next time!

Also: first formal play date with Joe Beason​, it’s been too long.

Brendan Conway​ Tomer Gurantz​ Patrick Riegert​

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  1. …And despite your hesitance at spending too much time world-building, I think most of us players thoroughly enjoyed that part. I actually found the game superbly satisfying as far as setup and story. As always, I wanted more… but to me that’s just the beauty of a well-run con game.

  2. 1. What’s the procedure for creating that map?

    2. How is it used on play?

    No small questions, I know, but a lot of Swedish games are using relationship maps, mostly based on the last ten years of theory discussions. That’s why I’m curious. 🙂

  3. Rickard Elimää there are numerous nested questions about aspects of the game, but the big sheet of paper is all me. I’m an advocate for that approach for various reasons.

    I use it in play as a reminder of character and conceptual relationships.

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