Some useful reminders to myself:

Some useful reminders to myself:

* Don’t take your players for granted as human beings. Even the reliably good ones.

* Don’t make the mistake of thinking quality gameplay is the primary goal of your home game. See above bullet.

(The goals of course aren’t inverted for con play but they’re sure not the same, either.)

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  1. I was not feeling it Tuesday night, so instead of me running our game, we sat around talking about boys and family, and showing each other YouTube videos. It was very pleasant.

  2. When I was in my late 20s I really ruined some very good home groups by trying to make the goal of the game “quality gameplay.”

    One of my big gaming regrets, really.

  3. No snark: did things get sillier than you expected? I’ve been battling with this recently. I want less silly in my games, but fun is fun at the table, right? Even if that fun is funny/silly.

    P.S.: am I missing the point? I’m dumb today.

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