Small announcement

Small announcement

I don’t know how exactly I’ll be interacting with it but I’ve set up the Indie Game Reading Club as a page on Facebook. Feel free to sign up now so when I swing around to posting with more regularity you’ll know where to find me.

My most likely scenario is that I’ll be moving the contents of IGRC to my own website and using the FB page, as well as my MeWe and whatever else I can be bothered to set up, to announce updates and talk with readers.

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  1. Yeahhhh.

    Plus is so perfect in so many ways. But those ways have nothing to do with making Google money. I can’t even blame them, really, for closing us down.

  2. Mark Delsing aw man all those sites feel like scams to me.

    I read through Steemit’s stuff for a bit and I don’t know how many showers it’s gonna take before I feel clean again.

  3. I’m blogging at WordPress ( and will be fanning out links to Various Social Media. I wonder if there’s a way to do something similar with the reading club, with shared authorship for several curators perhaps?

  4. Brad Murray I have no idea.

    I’ve never really thought about growing my thing beyond my own writing. Shit man I don’t have a business plan! Maybe put both those words in scare quotes.

  5. Tell me more about what’s attractive to you about Medium!

    That was one of the first platforms I considered. It has a nice professional gloss, I like the daily newsletter, but it seems like there’s not much gaming content there — therefore not much of a gaming audience.

  6. Listening in because maybe if enough of us talk about games on Medium, suddenly Medium would make sense. (I like it for following writing on UX, but yeah, not a lot going on with gaming there.)

  7. Paul Beakley There doesn’t seem to be much gaming talk on Medium, no. I really like the interface, and I get daily digests from them, so adding IGRC to the feed is appealing to me.

    Plus, IGRC feels very “writerly” to me, which fits Medium’s image. You’re not just another dude posting random dungeon tables, you’re a gaming essayist.

    And Medium already has a lot of eyeballs, so if they start algorithmically recommending your content to existing members (who are probably geeks already), then your fanbase could grow. I mean, why just target all of the hardcore geeks who already read you?

  8. Wherever Paul goes, there go I, because half my time on G+ is just scanning stuff until the next PaulPost.

    I’m waiting for Paul to finally discover that so many people love reading what he writes that he could monetize it and expand his gaming budget.

    2022’s breakaway Kickstarter: Paul Beakley’s Collected Essays: a compilation of three years of Patreon posts

    All in for the super deluxe lay flat gold leaf edition.

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