Situation Maps

Packing for an out of town house con today and I came across this beauty. Whooee!

I’ll get the smap piece written someday, promise.

Update! I’ve been going through old posts and came across this one, which was originally an image of a situation map I’d done for our house Space Wurm vs Moonicorn game. That image is lost to the sands of time, unfortunately, but just in case you come across this page, I wanted to point to the article I did end up writing.

22 thoughts on “Situation Maps”

  1. You know those tv shows where they want to show how unhinged or obsessive someone is, they have the characters stumble upon The Wall.

    You know the one. With all the photos and news clipping and pins linked by a web of string…

  2. It’s strange that those sorts of “walls” only denote unhinged when the person is an amateur or civilian. You see stuff like that on a policeman’s wall, or an FBI agent’s, and you’re like “Ooh, so there IS a conspiracy!”

    Edit: I actually took a tool that I designed originally to build these sorts of maps and modified it to support Intelligence work I was doing, since the professional tool they had was too expensive, and honestly not flexible enough.

  3. Jaye Foster awakened AI that took over its own factory facility and incorporated. Secretly. And started selling killbots into the service of Space Wurm.

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