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For me and maybe you, but this isn’t the hill I want to die on, a killer app of the indie/small press game scene is the access we have to the creators of these games. In my mind, this is what makes the current generation of “indie publishers” utterly different than the equally-indie publishers I worked for in the ’90s. And that’s the best resource you could ever ask for.

Probably the most fruitful, genuinely useful conversations I’ve had among all the indie creators I’ve met and talked to — which are many but not even most, ye gawds they keep cropping up like weeds — would be a tossup between luke crane (he double-classes as genius and gadfly) and Jason Morningstar (who specializes in just the genius thing). These two have done the absolute most to crowbar my head open to the vast, truly vast range of gameplay, priorities, and ideas about the nature of This Thing Of Ours.

(If you wanted to talk about extra crap to buy, I really like all the card-based supplements the Fria Ligan folks do with their Mutant Year Zero family of games. Cards are rad, yay cards.)

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  1. I’m not going to say that access to creators of games is bad, but perhaps it could be limited to visiting hours and controlled environments, like other quarantine facilities.

  2. I have to agree with this. Getting some face time w/ Kenneth Hite & Jason Morningstar over the past couple of years has just been fantastic.

    Buy a designer you like a drink or a meal and you might find yourself awarded with some stellar conversation. It’s worked for me!

  3. Yea, the availability of the designers is definitely a cool aspect of the “Indie” scene. I would not be as interested in Burning Wheel and Torchbearer without that.

    For stuff to buy, well, I don’t buy much stuff anymore… Though where the bulk of my money has gone is to Traveller (purchasing various CD-ROMs) and the Classic RuneQuest Kickstarter (I went for the all digital option, having 99% of the stuff in print already).

    For all time game with the best resources, I’d probably have to say Rune Quest 2e. Every product for that is an absolute gem, though from other angles, OD&D/AD&D/BECM/OSR would be the winner for shear volume of material that has stood me well.

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