Postmortem on day 1 of indiegameaday:

Postmortem on day 1 of indiegameaday:

So far so good! I personally saw maybe a dozen tagged threads and they were all good. Picked up a couple new Collection followers (howdy!) and had a couple people uncircle me (adios!). Kind of a net-zero thing and that’s fine.

I also discovered that I’ve just signed up for 30 straight days of angry you’re doing it wrong comments because I’m following everyone’s threads and that’s a really common go-to gamer thing. Doesn’t matter how you roll, it’s apparently really important to assert your expertise to strangers.

Tomorrow is day 2! Get ready for it:

*2. What game created your most elaborate relationship map? How much of it did you actually use?*

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  1. It only took a couple days of “we don’t have any problems here, not sure what you’re doing wrong” for me to block a rather prominent game designer. I may block all you emmereffers by the end of a month.

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