Okay wait. Just…hold up a second.

Okay wait. Just…hold up a second.

The first 10 copies of the $600 ultra-luxe wooden box edition of Inheritance are already sold out? With another 10 on offer?

I wonder how many of these folks howled about Invisible Sun’s buy-in.

(Oh am I jelly of the wooden box tho. Sadness, I can’t even afford the bags. I’ll just zip-lock everything, that’s pretty much the same.)

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  1. Adam, if this weakens your resolve, I’m sorry, but Luke said:

    But the Digital Edition of Inheritance is mainly there as a trap. People are going to open that .zip file and be disappointed at the enormous amount of work it takes to assemble the dozens and dozens of components…But if you want to pay me $25 for the pleasure, by all means, please do.
    plus.google.com – My dear friends. The time has come at last. Grandfather has died. Attend his…

  2. Robert Bohl Sigh. Not surprised. But when you include the $40 for Canadian shipping, the paper edition is way too deluxe for a game that I have an infinitesimally small chance of ever getting off the ground. Honestly, my best chance of actually playing it is buying a plane ticket to visit someone who bought a copy.

  3. I’m kind of thankful that there’s a hard set player count that places it so far outside the realm of possible play for me that I’m not tempted. I mean, there’s things I’ve bought in the past that I could at least lie to myself about the odds of it being played. For about two minutes, at its announcement, I tried lying to myself on this too but the lie was so unbelievable that not even I fell for it. Looks cool though!

  4. Hey, with the way Canadian shipping is going, it’d be cheaper for me to have Luke send mine to you and then fly out there and pick it up myself.

    Fucking Canada fucking Post.

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