No more rooms at the Walnut Creek Marriott for #bigbadcon . Why did I wait so long to book one?!

Argh. Hey Sean Nittner or anyone else hip to the area, what’s your recommendation for a next-best choice?

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  1. Okay, actually an interesting discovery:

    When I click on “reserve a room” via the BBC website, that loads my browser with a cookie that helpfully tells Marriott what days and so on and so forth.

    That cookie then stays in my fuckin’ browser.

    So I get the OOPSIE NO ROOM FOR YOU SLOWPOKE popup, right? And I go back and twiddle with my settings, still no room. Then I try to search for a room via Marriott’s own site, not attached to the BBC landing page, but the cookie is still active.

    It keeps giving me fuck-offs. No rooms for the designated period, no rooms for the designated period.

    My solution — I fixed it, it’s all cool — was to open an incognito browser (Chrome!) and start the search from scratch. Got a room for $151/night, nbd. Tiny bit more than the group rate but whatever. I’m booked.

    Sean Nittner you might want to bring this up with Marriott, because I would have otherwise gone off to some other hotel, been a sad panda, and secretly blamed you, Marriott and the Bay Area GOP for my woes.

  2. I have a room booked for Fri/Sat/Sun nights that I’m almost certainly not going to use if you want to try to figure out a way to hand it off to you. oh oops didn’t read the comment sorry nm.

  3. Eric Mersmann oho, at the convention rate? I can probably cancel my other thing.

    I’m coming in Thursday, though, so I still need a room that night.

  4. Heard back from my sales rep. We still have rooms. He’s looking into why we’re getting that message. In the meantime you should be able to get the con rate by calling (925) 934-2000 and telling them you are with Big Bad Con.

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