NewMexiCon: Friday

I’m in Albuquerque at one of my favorite indie-spirited roleplaying conventions, and reminded that I might be getting too old for this nonsense.

My tradition with this event is to road trip out from Arizona with a good friend, get here early, and start gaming early. So we played through a bit of a long, slow playthrough of The One Ring that I bring out sometimes. Nice! I’m leaning hard on the adventures in Ruins in the North, which is…fine. It’s not as good as Darkening of Mirkwood.

My first formal event I ran was The King is Dead, which after four plays continues to be my favorite con game. I have a strong aesthetic need/desire to have a mix of men and women at all my tables, but in particular TKID, so I asked for that and that was maybe weird to do at NMCon’s muster style pitch without discussing it with the organizers first. Still processing a better way to get that in the future without the weirdness.

My second game was Seco Creek Vigilance Committee, a very loose freeform about justice and vengeance in the old West. I had a super strong table of players, and great players are irreplaceable. A fine time filled with tragedy and grim satisfaction.

A corpse-eye view of two families arguing. I had just died.

More tomorrow! I’ve already died once in Inheritance, the awesome Viking larp from Luke Crane.

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