Mutant: Genlab Alpha

Mutant: Genlab Alpha

Hopefully doing these little cheat sheet cards up will dramatically speed up at-the-table character creation for the convention next weekend. I really don’t want to do pregens, because I feel like I get better table investment when we take the time to make characters, but MGA’s procedure is one step more involved than Year Zero: you gotta pick your animal tribe as well as everything else, and that comes with implications.

Anyway, leaving it here in case anyone plans to play later.

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  1. You don’t think choosing skills and talents will bog things down?

    (My current plan to is to leave names, relationships and big dreams up to the players, but pre-choose everything else.)

  2. Mark Delsing it hasn’t the last two times I ran Year Zero. Buuuut that’s another place where MGA is slower/fussier than YZ: you have to choose your age, and that impacts stats, skills, and “rank.”

    Yurgh. I’ll see how long it takes tomorrow night at the dry run.

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