Mutant: Genlab Alpha

I’m running this at RinCon this weekend so I wanted to see how all the bits and bobs went together. It’s…not Mutant: Year Zero, not quite. But I think it’s gonna be pretty good.

I don’t have enough of the game internalized to run it as a strong one-shot like I can MYZ. I really like the feel of the strategy game overlay, and we played out one turn of that to set up the situation a bit. But the other MYZ things I’ve come to rely on don’t work the same: the food/water/rest grind doesn’t work quite the same, there’s no trade system in place, there’s no “threat to the ark” to lean on. Still feeling it out, hopefully it gels in my head by Saturday.

We have new players! Jonathan Perrine​​ has joined us, as well as Heather Bjørnebo​. New blood, new game, everyone seems to be getting along so far. I think we’re going to extend our one shot into a more regular thing.

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