More, More, More

More, More, More

8. How can we get more people playing?

Did nobody see the GenCon coverage from last week? It doesn’t seem like more is actually a problem at all.

The hobby has always been dying. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. Skating is not a crime.


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  1. Mark Delsing 80% D&D I assume? Maybe 70%? I have no idea what the breakdown is.

    How can we get more people playing games I like, which are not D&D is a completely different question. So is how can we get white dudes to be less shitty so we can have more diverse voices, which is infinitely more valuable, difficult and interesting than just more warm bodies and their wallets.

  2. Paul Beakley My initial reaction was that this is a swarm of people heading into the dealer hall to buy stuff, not people playing games.

    Granted, it’s GenCon, so I’m sure a whole bunch of them played some games, many of which were likely RPGs.

    Mostly I was being cheeky about getting people to play as opposed to just more consumerism.

  3. Hmm, I don’t know about everywhere, but our local Cleveland Tabletop RPG group is actively doing something about this. We are convincing DM’s to make their games public. We have a public set of D&D one shots once a month and we are launching a general course on GM’ing 101 that is system neutral. Additionally we offering a apprenticeship program for new DM’s. Anyone could do this, but it is quite a bit of work.

  4. I get there’s lots of people playing. Yet somehow I can never get a stable group going… And I’ve resorted to Roll20. Ok, so I’m not playing a popular version of D&D (I did offer 1974 OD&D, but only got one taker, ended up with 1978 RuneQuest).

    Ok, I get it, trying to run a game in my evening (Pacific Time Zone) sucks since most of the US is in the Central and Eastern time zones…

    But yea, overall, the hobby is certainly healthy.

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