#me_irl when I look at any Blades in the Dark character sheet.

#me_irl when I look at any Blades in the Dark character sheet.

Tonight: working out the kinks for a Scum & Villainy one-shot.

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  1. Fraser Simons I did! And I think he and John kind of already baked nearly everything from that post into S&V.

    We chatted in sidebar yesterday and he suggested conveying package builds somehow during setup, just so it’s not overwrought right at the beginning. Thinking about that now.

  2. It’s weird because I find The Veil a breeze and it has more overhang than a lot of PbtA, but after running Blades in the Dark or Hack the Planet I am pretty wiped; always enjoyable though. Just a lot going on to track and be aware of and what not.

  3. I’ve run a lot of Blades too and the character sheets still find ways to surprise me. Last week’s S&V session involved “oh you have grenades on your sheet? Oh, everyone has grenades on their sheet?”

    I don’t know about you all, but downtime makes me feel more wiped than actual jobs/scores. My group doesn’t linger on their downtime actions, I think that’s part of it, and I always feel like I want to make a “real session” out of downtime because we don’t have enough time each night to run a downtime with a score.

    I also feel there’s an underlying current when I run where I’ll be second-guessing myself the entire time. Am I modeling this particular situation the best I could with the tools the game gives me? Would a clock work better here? What kind of clock? Is it better to do it in one roll? It’s kind of like Fate for me that way, where there’s a bunch of ways to get to the end and you’ll always wonder if it would’ve been more fulfilling to do it this other way.

  4. Aaron Griffin crunchy by design should be a favorable play mode for at least some of my Tuesday regulars but Blades (RC 4 or 5 or so) beat us up pretty good.

  5. I had my first S&V session last Wednesday and my players seemed to love it.

    It tuckered my ass out, though! I come from playing Burning Wheel a lot and I thought FitD would be a walk in the park.

    I guess my main trouble I ran into was the Consequences mixing with successes on my clocks. I ran out of energy trying to keep all the narrative plates spinning (fictional making sense according to the clocks, successes and consequences.).

    All that sounds like a criticism of the system, but I think I just need to get better at it?

    Did you run into similar problems, Paul? It’s really hard for me to put my finger on why it was such a challenge.

  6. John Love that’s exactly what wore me out, yeah. And trying to cook up good Devil’s Bargains all the time, although heat and clocks are easy bleed offs.

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