Mars 244

Mars 244

It’s #artsandcrafts day at the IGRC and I’m feeling very accomplished. Finished up production of Rachel E.S. Walton​​’s Mars 244: the Liberation of Sisyphus just in time for the weekend. I even broke out the 1/4″ corner rounder to get rid of all the sharp laminated corners. Because bleed is only fun when it’s make-believe.

It’s looking good, Rachel!

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  1. Oh oh and it is totally the solution to cut-and-position the panels if you’re going to fold lamination. The tent cards are two separate pieces of paper, tacked into position inside the lamination sleeve with glue stick, with about 2mm separating them. Then I folded really sharply with a fingernail right along the gap, and the fold came out sharp.

    (This is in reference to dealing with folding lamination, which I brought up a few weeks ago.)

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