Looking For Help

Looking For Help

Hey all,

I doodled up a thing for this year’s Golden Cobra, my first attempt at this contest! It’s got a very specific format and it’s one I’m not well versed in: very short form larp. I dunno that anyone has used the term “nanolarp” but that’s what it is. Well, a design fell out of my head so what the heck. Mine’s under 2000 words (well under), and it serves an audience I don’t have locally.

The other thing about this year’s Golden Cobra is that a feedback/playtest round is mandated before you submit your game. I think that’s a great idea and I’d be doing that anyway. In this case, though, the form factor and audience is so narrow and specific that I feel like I need specific feedback with folks with experience playing nanolarps.

I think most folks who’d take a swing at this for me are off to JaLL right now, so I’ll probably repeat my request.

Anyway, if you have a few minutes to read and comment, or better still play (it takes less than 2 hours) and you can self-select into my “experienced nanolarpers only kplsthx” category, please let me know!


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