So I’m doing some radical reorganizing of my RPG shelves and came across this old beauty, a fuck-you blast from the bad old 1990s. When Kult was the satanic game that everyone thought D&D was.

Those pages, right? The whole book is printed in tiny black type on splashy red pattern. Because if you’re not tough enough to read it, you don’t deserve it. Small press games took 20 more years to (re) discover that aesthetic. Old is new etc etc.

I think Mikael Andersson​ will get a kick out of this! Although he probably already has it poked away somewhere safe.

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  1. ‘sigh’ …. Those were the days…I can still feel it. On days in the fall when the sky is open and the colors and smells are just right. In my bones. Days when I’m longing to pick up smoking… again. When every attempt to prolong life seems ridiculously futile. Some say Kult is in the heart. I disagree. It’s 100% spleen.

  2. Haha yes I do have this on my shelf, and yes it’s such a horrid mess! But that’s okay because it was one of those artifacts you’d buy for the aesthetics and glance through before running a game to get in the mood, not actually rules you’d use in a game.

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