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  1. Hey, taking real history and fucking it up by adding Arthur is, itself, a fundamental part of British history.

    So this isn’t just a bullshit clickbait headline that overshadows the actual and important work being done with populist trash — it’s a bullshit clickbait headline that’s part of a 1500 year tradition of bullshit “open this scroll” bait.

  2. Tore Nielsen oh nice.

    I hope it was either in Syria or Zimbabwe.

    That’d be awesome. “Archaeology discovers Arthur actually existed, and was a Coptic Christian from the Swahili Coast. P.S. Fuck Brexit.”

  3. Brand Robins I was gonna say that but then I thought about when Cam Banks posted his KAP western hack and I just put my project away.

    It’s all over once you’ve drizzled Arthur, Cthulhu or steampunk into the pot.

  4. For realz tho, in case nobody makes it past the clickbait and our high-lar-ee-ous comments: the bits in the article about the 5th/6th century pottery at the site are super interesting. I don’t think anyone today really understands just how fucking far a bowl had to travel, by a variety of conveyances, to get from the Middle East to Tintagel.

    (Oooooh it must be the Grail!)

    ((stahp Bad Paul stahp))

  5. I am so tempted to make an Extended Circles post about how excited I am about your announcement that you’re developing a PtbA Real American West game with Sandy doing the Cthulhu stretch goal, Greg doing the Arthur stretch goal, and Mike doing the Steampunk stretch goal.

    I, of course, being an expert on Indian history, will do the Wuxia Chinese wandering monk stretch goal. Because you forgot Kung Fu.

  6. (Damnit, hit enter on the above too fast)

    Notably, there is also evidence that this is the same as another migration about 700 years before that, just in the opposite direction.

  7. So… do you know the scenario in Pagan’s Golden Dawn sourcebook?

    It’s already Steampunk Arthur Cthulhu. In the late 1800s/early 1900s.

    Just move it to Texas.

    Print money.

    (Also, it’s actually a good Arthur/Cthulhu scenario. Because it’s fucking horrifying if you love Arthur at all.)

  8. “Alright, I turn the whirl-crank on my clockwork Peacekeepers and point them at Mordred. I say ‘Prithee, sirrah, this town is under the dominion of Doc Arthur and the Marshals of New Camelot.'”

    “The evil prince gurgles, and black smoke starts to pour from his throat. He’s speaking. and though you can’t make out his words… ah, geez, guys I can’t do this. The scenario says that the Shoggoths are controlling the local tribes because they were less-resistant to Mordred’s corrupt mythos magic… and that just strikes me as way too far.”

    “Come on, man, my knight is half-Cherokee, so the game can’t be racist!”

  9. Hahahahahahahahaaaaa…



    In the Golden Dawn adventure the central twist, and source of the horror, is that Arthur is a Shub-Niggurath cultist, a sociopath, and a colonialist serial killer.

    Because OF COURSE HE IS.

  10. Also, I played it with my Pendragon group like 6 months after we’d done our several year(ish) long Boy King campaign.

    It was like watching a train crash into puppies.

    Also, Yeats was a total asshole in the game.

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