I’ve seen zero hype about this around here, although it seems to be doing just fine ($150k). Anyone backing it? Why?

I’ve seen zero hype about this around here, although it seems to be doing just fine ($150k). Anyone backing it? Why?

I have decidedly mixed feelings about this. I do miss my weird plastic-backed coil bound AEON though.


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  1. It’s been in development purgatory, what, 5-6 years now? I was just thinking the other day how I’d do the broad China strokes differently . . . must’ve been the talk about the Wakandan Pan-African space program. Not sure how well any of the bones have aged. Probably a teardown.

  2. There were very few WW games that interested me BITD, but Adventure! was one of them. I never played it, but it was one of the most enjoyable RPG reads I’ve ever experienced.I was also always curious about Aberrant. The SF setting not so much.

    This also has that modern/tech-y vibe that seems to be a weakness of mine (see also: d20 Modern).

    I was a little dubious at first, as the buy-in is fairly steep, but I read the rules quickstart and was intrigued, so I backed it. I’m hoping we’ll see Adventure! and Aberrant sourcebooks in the future.

    Bonus: IIRC there are actually women working on this, too.

  3. A lot of people I love and trust worked on this one, and some of the, uh, products of its time have been changed into less hilariously awful world-spanning organizations. It’s a good one. Makes me want to play Aeon very bad.

    Back at the manuscript level and you can read all of the main book and half of Aeon.

  4. I remember getting the mini intro rulebook packed in an issue of InQuest magazine oh so many years ago. Then there was a name change or something because of Aeon Flux or some such? Hell if I can remember. It was the closest I got to the game; none of the LGSes stocked much World of Darkness.

  5. This is my least favorite of that cycle of games, but I still have the plastic spiral-bound edition as a historical curiosity! When they get around to Aberrant I’ll probably invest in that, as it is my Favorite 90s Game.

  6. Like Mark Delsing, I found Adventure! to be one of the best written pulp RPGs. Never played it, though.

    I really liked Aberrant’s take on superheroes and the X-Men. It’s probably my favorite superhero setting of all time, but I’d never run it with the WW system in any flavor. I’d probably do it with Godbound now or something like it.

  7. I just want it to be a new school take on spiral-bound Aeon, which it’s clearly not. I want cyberpunk psychics in space, fighting corrupt ex-heroes, but can probably just hack that together if I really want.

  8. I’ve heard good things about this if you’re still in the WW headspace. Like — if you want something that’s like old school WW but with a system that might actually work, this is good.

    For me, I still have the black plastic spiral bound Aeon, and Aberrant, and of course Adventure!, so I haven’t backed. It’s rather a big chunk of change, and there’s pretty much zero chance I’d play it. I’m all old and inflexible and shit.

  9. We had a pretty long-running series of Psion, which used the advanced improved-psi-powers rules. It was a great experience.

    (Though it did lead to the douchiest guy in our group trying to bargain for illegal, advanced weapons that radioactive wasteland survivors did not have by offering to drink their water and piss it out clean.)

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