#INDIEGAMEaDAY2016   #artsandcrafts

#INDIEGAMEaDAY2016   #artsandcrafts  

Oh! I almost forgot: I just recently realized there must be legal-sized laminating pouches (duh). So I’m thinking about how to make folding, reuseable PbtA playbooks.

It’s the folding I’m trying to solve now. Thinking about cutting the printed sheet into its thirds, tacking them to the inside of the pouch with a dot of glue stick about 1mm apart from each other, then maybe lightly scoring the outside with a craft knife. Anyone try this?

The gluestick tack is legit killer tech if you’re in the laminating machine mafia. Which, by the way, keep your eyes open for that once-a-year Amazon sale where you can get one for like $20.


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