I’m now on Patreon!

I’m now on Patreon!

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I’ve launched my own Patreon page now to fund my new direction in self-publishing and creator-owned game content. Patreon is a way to show folks my behind-the-scenes works in progress, release early previews and playtesting documents, post design blogs, and eventually publish new campaign settings, RPGs, and supplements for my favorite game systems.

Patreon is where I’m going to start writing and designing SWORDBRIDGE, my mannerpunk fantasy setting, and EIDOLON, which is my neoclassical fantasy setting for spirit-channeling super heroes. And those are just the first!

I would be tremendously grateful if you’d stop in and check out what I have going on there, and if you think others might be interested in it, please feel free to reshare the link!


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