IGRC Con/PaulCon Talk

IGRC Con/PaulCon Talk

I crawled so far into my head about how I wanted to host my convention that I’d painted myself into a corner. I mentioned my difficulties to a non gaming friend over lunch and of course he offered the perfect, easy solution:

Just rent five hotel rooms.

Duh, right? This is how BBC does most of their private gaming. I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me.

So the space question, it appears, has been solved.

And now I think I’ve been using that question to not address the bigger meat of the thing, which is, what do I actually want to do with this event?

Obviously I can’t run everyone’s games but I can run one or two a day. I’d very much like to bring together good people so they can meet. I’d like to build in good break time to host non gaming stuff too: go to a fun restaurant or two, host a party at my house, whatever.

I mean…is this enough? Now I’ve got it in my head that I can’t get the critical mass together. But I won’t know until I commit to a date and space. Chicken and egg.

When you hear “Paul Con” or “Indie Game Reading Club Con,” what comes to mind? Let me know!

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  1. Hm…I’ve never even run an online game.

    I can’t say it would be a core competency. It might be hilarious though, me fumbling with the camera and mumbling.

  2. John Aegard I could mmmmaybe arrange that for 20ish people. Ye gawds. Totally bespoke gaming experiences curated by me me meeee. No pressure, folks, but if I put you in this group and informed you of what game you would run, you’d better not eff it up and make me look bad.

  3. When you hear “Paul Con” or “Indie Game Reading Club Con,” what comes to mind? Let me know!

    I think: playing the kinds of games Paul would include in IGRC discussion with Paul himself and a few other people I can think of.

    I think it’s fine to ask people only run “IGRC-style” games, but providing a specific list seems like a great way to a) put people off and 2) prevent happy accidents were you find a cool new game.

    As for getting people to attend, you had me at “PaulCon”, so everything beyond that is gravy.

  4. I like the idea of Paul telling us what to do. The high-pressure? Less so. I like the Burning Con’s model of everyone has to run something, but that would mean that everyone as a player needs to be supportive.

    Paul, it’s your con. Imagine what would be the funnest to fill those five rooms with. Do that.

  5. I see a day where we dive deep into playing a game (maybe two 4 hours sessions with a break for lunch) with a prolonged discussion about the sessions that played that would eventually lead to talking about gaming in general. I would like this part to include wine.

  6. You didn’t listen when I said “just invite like 10 people and get a few hotel rooms somewhere cheap” but A FRIEND WHO YOU TRUST tells you that instead of a WELL KNOWN RASCAL and you just jump right in!!! Anyway, yeah. Don’t call it anything, just pick out cool people and invite them.

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