Hurry hurry! There are only four $1000 slots available.

Hurry hurry! There are only four $1000 slots available.

It looks pretty great, but I’m having a hell of a time justifying backing at the level I wanna back at.

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  1. Exactly Brand. 12$ shipping is amazing, especially for two hardcovers that big and all the extras. Totally got me. I suspect by the end of the KS both those books are going to be sizeable as well, blowing through stretch goals like crazy!

  2. Yeah, I feel like backing at a level sans all the nifty cards and tokens and stuff is just going to cause regret. But that means, what., $200 buy in? Ouch.

  3. Naw, I’ve played the game three times. It’s good without the stuff.

    I mean, stuff is sweet and all, but don’t let that distract you from good games being good.

  4. Definitely fits the theme though, it’s a specific kind of experience. 40$ a hardcover I can swallow I think. Definitely gonna display them on the shelf with that format but I hear what you’re saying.

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