Games on Demand

Games on Demand

Hey all,

So my buddy Andi Carrison is manager for the Tabletop Department for PAX South, and they’re gonna try running Games on Demand for the first time this year. Rad! I think it’s a great program and any gaming convention that wants to cater to folks beyond the Pathfinder/D&D universe really ought to do it. It’s free as far as I know (is it? I assume it is beyond the hard cost of printing up signup sheets and hanging banners) but it needs volunteers to run games.

Do you like running small-press games? Do you want a pass to PAX South? Hit up Andi ASAP so she can shower you with badgers a badge.

I super-wish I could go but it’s pretty soon and I kind of shot my con wad in October.

Learn more about Games on Demand here:

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  1. GLEE!

    And yes, participating in Games on Demand at PAX is absolutely sans additional cost beyond that of a show badge.

    (Badgers optional! I’ll do my best to keep my grumbly badger-got-things-to-get-done energy to a palatable pitch.)

  2. Your assumption is correct. The cost of running the program is limited to some signage and administrative oddments. PAX is gracious enough to offer badges for volunteers willing to give 6 to 8 hours worth of running games and standing behind the desk talking to the crowd. Time and enthusiasm are what is required.

  3. Also Nathan Black has taken the lead on organizing, so touch base with him if you’re interested in helping out (especially if you’re a veteran of other GoD events).

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