Game Chef Talk: Got My Assignments

Just got my assignments. Some really interesting stuff. 

I thought my design was kind of out-there but no way, there’s some really interesting thinking happening a good ways out of the box. Stuff that jumped out at me from my four assigned games:

* A QR code that launched me into a game document. It’s a very short document! But the interaction of code, phone and then engaging with the game got me thinking.

* Some interesting guided improv — freeform larp is all up in Game Chef’s grill. I really wish I had better grounding in that creative space. A topic to revisit down the road.

* A pure boardgame but with a narrative ending. Interesting. I wonder what my boardgame friends would think of that? 

Anyway, interesting stuff. Really varied. 

EDIT: And out of morbid curiosity, I looked up who’s reading Dragon, Fly. Aaaaaallll freeform larps. Welp.

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  1. With the theme this year, it seems rather likely to see some really different ideas.  I’ve got a bit of time tonight, so I’ll be reading over my assignments.

  2. Well, yeah, after the contest I think.

    For now the uh…extreme preponderance of freeform has made me realize maybe I wandered into the wrong neighborhood.

  3. That’s so weird! I wanted to talk about freeform, like, more than a decade ago and it was so difficult to get anyone interested.

  4. They’ve also plugged into a different crowd than before, partially due to the new folks in charge. 75+ first-time designers means people are bringing whatever scene they’re already apart of and whatever stuff they’re already playing.

  5. Probably I’d rate its out-thereness on the subject matter, not the presentation. Now if you could make the melody or rhythm or whatever relevant, that’d be interesting.

  6. That’s exactly where I was going to go. It started as a sarcastic comment about making “4’33 by John Cage, The Game” but turned into a playful thing where people punctuate silence with exclamations and motion, and the GM paces and raises/lowers the tone like a conductor.

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