0 thoughts on “Free Spacer RPG: First Look #sponsored”

  1. Yea, this one gives me cognitive distortion.

    Karen Twelves? Fabulous. Kira? Fabulous. Johnstone? Fabulous.

    But… I don’t know. Every time I look at this, or think about actually getting a group together to play, something misfires in my brain and I cannot make myself want to actually pull the trigger.

    I probably will back this, because when I’m on the fence the question of “will it fund” becomes a tie breaker. If I know I’d be able to pick it up at the FLGS in a year, then… egh. But if it needs love to get it to that point….

    I really don’t get why it doesn’t click for me though. No obvious mistakes, lots of good stuff. Weird.

  2. Maybe the initial ask was too big for a first Kickstarter for a TTRPG?

    $15K Canadian seems like it might a big initial ask for a new indie publisher. Tachyon Squadron’s initial goal was $ 7500, and Evil Hat has huge fan base. Golden Sky Stories was from someone with a fan base and a track record with Maid, and it had modest $7000 goal.

    Anyway, thanks for highlighting the video, I’ll take a look.

  3. My only exposure to this was the Ken & Robin segment where they talked to Chris Sapinsky about it and I found myself feeling underwhelmed. Like, if you bleeped out ‘Free Spacer’, I wouldn’t have known he was describing a new game rather than, say, Traveller.

  4. I agree with Michael Prescott. I heard the interview on Ken & Robin and the designer made it sound like just another space adventure game and had a hard time explaining what was interesting about the game.

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