Finally! Now to laminate some shit.

Finally! Now to laminate some shit.

Required gear to level up your indie gaming…game. It will take a proud place alongside my Costco-sized packs of note cards and sticky notes, the glass beads, and butcher paper roll.

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  1. I laminate the crap out of board game reference sheets, and other components made of thin cardstock. I’ve also laminated a bunch of fun stuff for my RPGs, but they don’t see as much play nowadays, so the former gets way more laminating action.

  2. I tend to use premade laminating sleeves rather than full sheets, whenever possible. It is easier for me than cutting smaller items out of a full sheet laminating sleeve: some paper items shift around during the lamination process, which removes any nice even lines I could have used to trim them to a particular size. The sleeves are all perfectly sized!

    One can get laminating sleeves for business card-sized paper, and there are even poker-card-adjacent sleeves (look for military ID sleeves without the prepunched hole).

  3. The glue stick thing is genius.

    I’m probably gonna do up a small stack of laminated index cards (indie games require so very many sad things be written on them) and this would be a perfect solution.

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