I got into some stuff and I’m running some stuff. Here’s how my schedule looks so far.

Thursday 8-12: running Sagas of the Icelanders. Well…standing aside while Jason Morningstar​​​ and Mikael Andersson​​​ run roughshod over my carefully crafted Viking dungeon (when they see the stat block I’ve done up for the undead goði final boss they’re gonna freak out! Don’t tell them!)

Friday morning, nothing planned. Somebody hook me up.

Friday 2-6: Headspace with Mark Richardson​​​. I backed it! So let’s see what I’m backing.

Friday 8-midnight I’m running Mutant: Year Zero. So far I know Misha B​​​ and Brand Robins​​​ are in. Anyone else? EDIT also Mikael Andersson​​​! BOOZE IS ENCOURAGED.

Saturday morning I’m running Burning Wheel. Bret Gillan​​​ and Carly Knight​​​ are in, anyone else I know? EDIT Keith Stetson​​! Duh! I feel like I’m forgetting… Daniel Levine someone… That leaves one more.

Saturday 2-6: Sig with Jason Pitre​​​. I know literally nothing about Planescape so maybe I’m not the target demo? I’ll try not to ask too many dumb questions.

Saturday 8-12: Mars with Rachel E.S. Walton​​​. I think this will have to count as our Montsegur flashmob event. After that last game though, I’m going in fully armed with snark and irony. Feels are forbidden!

Sunday is looking like it’ll be a big sprawling game of Fief: France 1429 with some folks. There’s ONE SEAT LEFT at my Fief table! So if you’re looking for a highly acrimonious chill mid-morning to mid-afternoon Sunday event, hit me up privately and I’ll put you on the list. You’ll need three personal referrals, your credit rating, and your SSN.

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  1. I’m planning on ruining the Mutant game too actually. I couldn’t ruin Burning Wheel unfortunately because I’m otherwise occupied, but it’s Burning Wheel so I figure it’ll take care of itself.

    I’m in the Mars game on Saturday night too but Brand Robins will ruin that.

    I’d love to ruin Fief, but I’m scheduled to ruin a Sorcerer game. 🙁

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