Dreamation 2019 Plans!

I’ll be attending Dreamation 2019 in Morristown, NJ in February. That’s a big expensive flight for me! So I’m running some events for the Indie Games eXplosion:

Sagas of the Icelanders


It’s been a good while since I ran Sagas of the Icelanders last, but it makes for a terrific convention experience. Total improv from start to finish. It’s also, this year, my official workshop for my patented Situation Map technique, for folks who want to learn more about in-situ thematic thread organization. Probably most folks will just be there to play but I’m happy to share thoughts in the debrief.

Space Wurm vs Moonicorn


I’ve been fiddling and refining my one-shot presentation of Space Wurm vs Moonicorn, and I think I’ve got a pretty good package lined up. If you don’t know the game, it’s pretty wild: psychedelic space opera featuring the eponymous characters in conflict, and everyone else in orbit as they fight and love. The one-shot is tricky to set up, since the game can produce such a sprawling and weird setting, but there are special one-shot playbooks that help speed things up.

The King is Dead

The King is Dead

I kind of feel like this is cheating, since it’s GMless and I get to play as well! The King is Dead is a five-player GMless PbtA game. Everyone plays an heir or challenger to an empty throne, it’s sexy and violent in the A Song of Ice and Fire vein, and it’s really interesting playing tech. This will be my fourth go at it, and it comes out different every time. Tragically I don’t think the cards or printed playbooks will be ready, but I’ve already done my (dark) arts and crafts day to prep.

Packing for a con always feels like Christmas to me. #RinCon2018 here we coooome.

My intention is to make those links, and future links, affiliate-sales things that hook back to Drivethrurpg.com but it’s not set up yet. Just getting into the practice of posting them!

EDIT: I’ve updated these links to include my affiliate ID. If you’re thinking about picking up games I talk about, please consider buying them through my link. It’ll help defray the cost of keeping up with the latest titles.

4 thoughts on “Dreamation 2019 Plans!”

    1. Are you coming to Dreamation? 😉

      Someday I’d very much like to produce a video. It’s one of the value-add things I’ve been thinking about if/when I move this rig to Patreon.

  1. Paul, I’m so excited you’re coming to Dreamation! Put a bookmark for “talk about the KotD and what good guidance for that games looks like”

    What could I run that you’d be most excited to play in?

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