I can’t really tell how this is gonna play out. Betting the RPG will be Modiphius’ 2d20 house system, but maybe not. There are lots of folks involved and I can’t really tell from the release where one stops and the next one starts.

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  1. Gregor Vuga No.

    Modiphius hired Skarka to work on Star Trek Adventures, and promised to disclose which book(s) he worked on prior to release. They “forgot” to put him in the credits for two books so far (the core book and the Beta Quadrant sourcebook).

    So, until Skarka finishes Far West, I’m not buying Modiphius product.

  2. Mark Delsing if you’re not Luke Skywalker, what do you do in Star Wars?

    You play elsewhere in the setting I guess? It’s called Dune, not Arrakis Simulator, so I’m thinking/hoping that they take on the whole series, which is gonzo and huge.

    I’m 90% not gonna care in any case, because Modiphius.

  3. There’s a ton to do in the setting.

    At the top end, there’s the Lansraad and political maneuverings between Great Houses. There’s the Guild and the Bene Gessarit. There’s the Ix. All the way down to foot soldiers and spies and intrigue in the various house wars going on at any given time.

    Honestly, Fading Suns was fantastic, and highlights some of what you can do with Dune.

  4. The perfect Dune rpg is like a combination of Robert’s Rules of Order and the Sci-Fi Encyclopedia. You just take meetings with each other and come up with plots to assassinate people on other planets. Sounds like a joke but it’s true.

  5. Hopefully the design will include a robust set of male sodomy-paranoia mechanics, as that seems to have been Herbert’s recurrent interest

  6. The Gale Force Nine, board-gamey part of this gives me pause. Their catalog, from my experience, is very hit or miss. Do you think we could expect a full reprint/remix/remaster of the Dune board game?

    Aside: As someone who missed Fading Suns, is it worth owning/reading?

  7. Fading Suns is the best of Dune and Wolfe. I noticed there’s a setting detail of Scum and Villainy which owes an unacknowledged debt to Fading Suns as well

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