Cultural Consultation

So y’all probably heard me talk a little about Misfortune, the code name/working title of my WIP game of the American West. It focuses on actual history and how it diverges from mythic Americana, which is how my nation’s history is generally understood. There are diverse communities of folks finding ways to work together; this is not a game of Cowboys and Indians.

I’m looking for folks who might be able to help look through my work on a variety of cultural fronts, but in particular I need advice on the indigenous/Native American/First Nations perspective. I’ve got years of research in on this material but I make mistakes same as anyone else. I make some assertions about the forces at play during this stretch of history that I want to make sure make sense (even if not comfortably) regardless of the heritage of the characters.

If you feel like you’ve got something to say on this topic, let’s talk privately. PbtA knowledge nice but not necessary. 

Thank you. Feel free to pass this along to folks you think might have something to say.

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  1. Not stated in the OP but I’m also aware of the mine fields to navigate w/r/t race and gender in a period rife with astonishingly casual racism and sexism. Ugh! But at least I can do my level best to make sure it isn’t baked into gameplay procedures.

    I still hyperventilate a little every time I think about proceeding. Send help!

  2. The actual pressures and problems and dramas and family dynasties that nobody knows about. The diversity of people and cultures all intermingling. Feeling like the mythology does us disservice, makes it hard to understand our present because we don’t understand our past.

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