Blood Red Sands

So I just came across this in the “what you need to play” section of Blood Red Sands:

Total dice needed for a full game of five players: 25d10, 25d8, 25d6, and 25d4 for a total of 100 dice.

I’m sure the fake die-rolling noise emanating out of my phone’s Edge of the Empire die-rolling app will feel and sound just as satisfying.

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  1. Makes Mythender look downright tame. 😉

    EDIT: I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just for something like “you’ll need five dice at all times, and they can be anywhere from d4 to d10”. Because that setup ensures that there’s five dice of each type for five players.

  2. I remember Ralph also referred folks to the EAI bucket deal for getting their BRS setup together.

    I only played a one-shot of BRS (which is really hard), but yeah you need all those dice.

  3. My BRS kit is a dice bag with 5 pockets.

    And yes, they all came from EAI.  Best source for inexpensive bulk dice ever.

    And they also have tons of fun stuff that can be repurposed for gaming from counting cubes to a variety of overlays, paper and plastic coin money, just tons of toys.

  4. Andy Hauge that was how the game was originally, you could buy any dice you wanted with points and the dice recommendation was “you’ll need a ton” but that proved unwieldy.  So now the 5 dice of each type for each player is a hard limit.  Those are your dice, spend them on what you want, but that’s your set.

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