Sagas of the Icelanders

More #artsandcrafts  today at IGRC headquarters. Finally producing the gorgeous Clarissa Baut Stetson edit AND Jason Morningstar SotI playbooks. These miiiight get the dry-erase treatment, dunno, that’s a lot of plastic to haul around and a lot of pens to provide.

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  1. Okie doke, then I’ll finish the printing but not laminate. Can’t wait to hear/see what you’re thinking about doing.

    I know there have been proposed Man 2.0 mooooves by some folks, are we looking at trying them out?

  2. I got a lamination machine for Christmas last year. It’s down to like $0.14 a sheet now. Best present I got last year! It does mean that I laminate god damn everything now, though.

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