I used to not be able to wrap my head around a postapocalypse game based on Apocalypse World, but reading the first edition and working on my own thing has really clarified that for me.

Very different focus and approach. I’ll be very happy to have this in my collection. Be even happier to play it someday.

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  1. Juan Ochoa do you not get comped a copy? I thought your work was in it.

    (TBH I don’t know how comping works in indieland. I got comped a case of everything I ever worked on back in the day.)

  2. Paul Beakley I got a comp copy of Titanomachy (very generously provided even though the images used weren´t commissions but sourced from my Patreon), but the actual Legacy book doesn´t have any of my stuff in it. And it seriously looks gorgeous.

  3. Ohh. I didn’t understand that. Is Titanomachy the quickstart, I guess?

    I was so quick with the BUY BACK button that I kind of didn’t read closely.

  4. I’m working on getting it usable for either Indie Press Revolution or the Modiphius Web store, backer’s choice. Hopefully that will lessen the pain a little!

  5. I backed. Then I saw shipping and instantly downgraded to pdf +coupons. I felt bad about it, but not more for shipping than for products bad.

    We need to see if we can find a way to do Magpies shipping to overseas on reverse.

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