And In Conclusion

And In Conclusion

I’ve developed a super annoying eyelid twitch. That’s the signal that it’s time for a Plus break! All outta spoons. But I can rest when I’m dead so here are my last two thingamajobs:


Space adventure with feels. Yes feels are a genre, I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. (My trad answer is fantasy post-apocalypse, which I suppose Earthdawn has already covered so we’re done here.)



I’m sitting here thinking about any sense of anticipation. I don’t feel any. I’m not aware of any specific games slated to come out, or if I am I don’t actually care that much (like that Genesys thing from FFG). I don’t really think much about Kickstarters scheduled to deliver, especially a year out.

I guess it’d be nice if I could get one or more of my things test-ready. I had intended this year to be that year, but spoons, so I’m reeling in my con/test/hype plans. Maybe 2018!

Oh there goes the eyelid twitch again. L8r sk8rs.

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