A minor indulgence to celebrate the sale of my old home.

A minor indulgence to celebrate the sale of my old home.

Couldn’t quite escalate it to the nicest-paper version, though. Hopefully the just-okay paper will be okay. Am I going to regret my decision?

Also: decks of issue and quest cards, anyone buying/using them or are they not actually necessary?


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  1. John Till yeah, I ran a few sessions out of the salmon edition and maybe two out of the big coffee table edition. No problems. One of my first exposures to exotrad style RPGs!

    I just made up exotrad. I think I like it.

  2. I got the premium version for my birthday last year. It is the BIGGEST book on my shelf. I’m really interested to hear what you think about this game, Paul. I’ve been wrestling with it for several months and am finally ready (I think!) to run it. I bought all the cards/quests. I also bought Fortitude, the location supplement to Chuubos. It looks like the character generation rules are much better laid out there. Please post thoughts. I would love to have someone to bounce this stuff off of!

  3. James Stuart and Bret Gillan are also good sources for Chuubo talk, Nicholas Hopkins! They’ve been staring at the tome for months now.

  4. I was a Kickstarter backer, and I actually have two print copies of this one. One because they gave us an at-cost code and one because another KS backer stepped up to provide books to backers when EOS failed to do so.

    And I haven’t been able to read it, yet.

  5. I have the non-premium edition.

    I regret it.

    I also have the cards, but I probably didn’t need them. I sort of wish I’d switched my decision and gone premium book, and done the cards myself.

  6. As you know, my premium hard copy arrives today. I stated reading the ebook version this week. Much less daunting with no pictures and no sense of what page I’m actually on.

  7. Huh. I bought a bigger tablet to read Chuubo’s (not really, yes really). The old one choked on its file size. I really had to muscle my way through that text a couple of times before I got it. I had to get my arms all the way around it to understand any of it.

  8. Eric Farmer yeah, that was my experience with salmon edition Nobilis, although it was much more compact. But given when it came out, it took real effort to get what she was going for. If Chuubo’s is built on that framework I should not have too much trouble, but it’s still a big fucking book to read.

    I think I’m gonna give the ereader version a go, see how it works just for a first reading.

  9. If it makes you feel better, it’s only the first 200 pages or so that you need to understand… What I’m noodling on now is how to communicate these ideas to players in a more compact way.

  10. Someday I may put together a 3 page “here’s how you play Chubbo.”

    I’m pretty sure you could get all the core elements in 3 pages, terse. Lacking all magic and imagination, but there.

    After that, it’s really a matter of choosing your genre and following the rules on the card and choosing your plot and following the rules on the card.

  11. Eric Farmer have you checked out that Techno book? Apparently it’s her own attempt to do exactly that. I haven’t! But I’d love to hear about it from anyone else who has.

  12. Brand Robins oh I’m the master of sucking the magic out of games. One of my players said I was “the death of fun.” High praise!

    I’ll do up one of my patented flowcharts and everyone will be all “oh that’s all that’s going on?” and return to their PbtA to cling to their magical moooooves.

  13. Paul Beakley hahahahahahaha me too!

    But really, the core of the game is easy. Do a scene for 15 minutes, do some moves and get some coins. Repeat.

    It’s really much like a boardgame in that you have this regular repeated cycle of basic interaction, with the specifics coming from the vast number of cards.

    Probably helps if you watch a lot of anime. And not the kind with tentacles, giant robots, or samurai.

    But some samurai.

  14. I’d love to have some eyes on it to make sure I’m didn’t smoke any crack while I transcribed the rules. It has been my most successful attempt to figure it out.

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