Dunno if I’ll stick to the list of prompts proposed by Brand Robins because what does he know anyway? Since it was inspired by that #20moviechallenge thing that was going around I’ll stick to “impact” as broadly understood.

Anyway. This is 1 of 10. Ten! How on earth am I supposed to choose? I may go past 10, because what even are rules.

Traveller wasn’t my very first RPG (that was AD&D circa 1980, but that was everyone’s first RPG so that’s a boring answer (yes I know #notallgamers started with any edition of D&D)), but it was the first one I owned and had to decode on my own. This right here is where it really started for me: digging into a game, trying to understand what it was trying to achieve, really atomizing it.

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  1. I couldn’t narrow a list down to only 10 rpgs that influenced me, because that’s insane. There’s too many for that to be an achievable goal. Even getting the list down to 20 required cutting some stuff that deserved to stay.

  2. Matt Wilson the one explaining the culture of cashiered ex soldiers at loose ends? That was a terrific series! I was way too young to understand the game at that level but yeah, that was great.

  3. There’s a version of CT that I run at cons called “Mustering Out Blues” that amounts to generating characters, putting them on a world in the middle of a sub-sector map, and finding out what they’re willing to do to make a buck, get off this rock, or keep this thing in the air. “You’ve spent half a lifetime in service to the Imperium, and now you’re on your own. The stars are right there in front of you for the taking. But you have back pains and bills to pay, and you’re only qualified to do the jobs that no one else wants to do. My friend, you’ve got the mustering out blues…” It produces some really interesting play.

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