Your Daily High Frontier Bonus Content

Your Daily High Frontier Bonus Content

Unnnnffff to everything on this page.

I want all of it and I want it all painted. It’d probably cost more than the game itself.

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  1. I’ve kind of been avoiding browsing Shapeways because mostly I don’t have the bandwidth to paint stuff. But High Frontier is so utterly blingless as-is that I feel a strong need to do it up. Somehow.

  2. Aw man I keep clicking through to the “player set” with all the regular markers. $34 per player, damn it. And that’s without the swanky ships. Or aftermarket stands.

    The ship set is $25 more. So like $195. Fuuuudge. $7 more for stands. $205! For tiny spaceships! What the actual fudge, Paul?

    I went looking on Amazon for tiny “realistic” spaceships and they don’t really exist.

  3. Also, if your daughter is like mine she has got many self-assemble jewelry kits that would be great to raid for this stuff. Those shapeways designs are mostly very simple.

  4. Rob Brennan you know, that’s a really solid idea. Beads are an excellent resource! Little geodesic domes. Not sure about solar sails but they’re just flat.

    Hmhmhm. Yeah. You’ve got me thinking. And I found a couple good Pinterest boards with “realistic” concept art…

  5. Yep for painting I bet you could just spray them white, do a couple of block colours and miracle dip ie varnish with dye in it that seeps into the cracks (also polyurethane varnish is bomb-proof and would add to the structural integrity, although it is gloss so you’d need to over-spray with matt varnish if you wanted) .

    You can make stands super cheap with wire that are IMO just as good as those transparent ones (and they won’t break).

  6. Yeah.

    Now I’m thinking through how to express all the … uh, wiry-ness. Wires I guess!

    I used to kitbash tons of stuff Back In The Day and now it seems very intimidating. Funny! It’s not like I’m going to lose my job or an eye if I eff it up.

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