Your Daily High Frontier

Your Daily High Frontier

Squandering a quiet Sunday assembling an exoglobalization scheme with a new sucker recruit.

I can already smell the oil burning in the poor guy’s head.

10 thoughts on “Your Daily High Frontier”

  1. Noob is killing is because two veterans are helping him along. Good thing! Because if he wasn’t succeeding he’d be pretty fried.

    The B612 faction has moved their home to the asteroids and are busy building a totally boss gigawatt-powered explorer super ship.

  2. Arrrgh I lost so so hard. Oh god. But I learned an awful lot! Again.

    Mostly I learned not to take the “radical” factions, because they’re very hard to play unless you know what you’re doing. And after about 50 hours, I guess I still don’t.

  3. Oh and the alleged B612 centrists got taken over by eugenics pilgrims who decided it was time for an enema, so they strapped their ultratech terawatt thruster to a comet and fired it into Earth, killing everyone and winning them the game. We were so naive, I thought they were gonna go explore or some lame thing.

    Maybe it’s just me but that ending seemed very on point these days.

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