8 thoughts on “Turn nine of our Seafall game is posted! Many many spoilers!”

  1. Drat it. I have to wait until we’ve finished our play-through to get your insights, Paul Beakley!

    … and we’re only up to Game 5.

    This may take a while.

  2. I’m going to be interested to see whether we can get another big VP swing.

    For our Game #4, I went from last place to 2nd place overall, having scored 20 VP in a single game.

    Our player in last place is about 25 VP behind the leader, so we’re wondering whether that’s recoverable….

  3. I think the game is swingy; I think it’s a common complaint from the folks looking for a tighter 4x experience, which Seafall is not. It’s a legacy experience driven by 4x type incentives, but the exploring/expanding/exploiting/exterminating is all in service to the reveals. And the reveals are where the swings are.

    I’ve gotten very lucky a couple games in a row but I’m under no illusions that it won’t stop at any moment.

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