Too Many Bones

Too Many Bones

Has there ever been a more suitably named game? $125! Click through the link, it’ll take you to the game.

Holy wow premium games are getting spendy.

There’s another one there, some Rome-themed thing, where if you buy the whole collection it’s $375. What!!/Too-Many-Bones-2nd-Print-Preorder/p/80199360/category=22721101

5 thoughts on “Too Many Bones”

  1. For what you get component wise the price isn’t bad compared to the market. It’s just a model where you spend more out of the gate then adding a few expansions over time.

    I haven’t priced it out but I’m sure FFG’s Star Wars Dice game or WizKids Dice Masters stuff could easily spend that much on the base plus boosters fairly quickly. With some games I’d rather just take the upfront hit and be done with it rather then slowly bleeding me over time.

  2. The Hoplomachus series of games is fantastic and highly recommended. My Too Many Bones KS should be here in the next week or so and I expect it to be solid as well.

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