The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin

I backed this last year then forgot it arrived, gosh, months ago. I thought it’d be fun for the monkey and I to play together, although it’s allegedly a 7+ game.

Turns out they’re not wrong about the age! TPatG is “just” a memory game but it’s an effing hard one: during the first half of the game, you’re “exploring” the caves, looking for a way out of the goblin kingdom. That involves looking at tiles and trying to memorize pairs of symbols.

The second half of the game is the escape, where you have to draw face-down tiles from memory that match symbol-to-symbol from the goblin kingdom all the way back to your home. Oh but you can also interrupt someone’s turn by yelling “goblins!” and flipping a goblin tile you found during your exploration. And if you stumble into a goblin tile on your own, all the tiles you laid go back face-up for someone else to use.

It might be that my memory is just terrible, which makes us a pretty good match. Fun game! Pretty tough for a five year old but she asked to play twice.

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